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Until the government lift the restirctions on group meetings in a public place, all courses and 121 appointments will take place on line via LIVE link.  
we have already had many classes on line and they have proved to work very successfully. many customers like the fact that they receive a copy of the class recording to watch for ther homework.  
all the on line classes are now on the website calendar HERE and can be purchased in the usual way. 
if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. meantime, please stay safe! 
Kay Attwood 
Online Classroom! 
Kay9 Services ‘Train Your Dog Online’  
is a new service in a long list of dog related services for you and your dog! 
Dog Obedience Courses available to do in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. 
• Perfect for puppies up to the age of 8 months 
• Great for young dogs that have had no training at all 
• Great for building confidence in rescue dogs of all ages 
Perfect for dogs that couldnt cope well in a class environment 
6 Modules covering all the basics and life skills for a confidence and well balanced puppy. 
We are offering the opportunity for you to teach your puppy at home or at the office, to suit your time schedule and in the comfort of your own home. You can discover how exciting and easy it is to train your puppy to a standard so that you can start to enjoy each other and your life together going forward. 
Guaranteed fun and effective puppy training for busy individuals. 
Our methods are suitable for all breeds, up to the age of 8 months or for newly rescued dogs that have had no training whatsoever – Everyone needs to start somewhere! 
The training can be carried out by any member of the family (children should always be supervised). This will help your puppy learn if everyone is consistently following the same methods, cues and hand signals. 
You’ll discover that training your dog can be the best fun ever and once you start to see the results; you’ll be inspired to try MORE! 
If required, you have access to your support trainer via live webinar session, one per module. 
More than a classroom! 
Watch this space, we are working on putting the perfect program together for you so that you can learn together at home or at the office! 
Kay Attwood 
KCAI Dog Trainer of the Year Award! 
Nominated by the public and shortlisted by a panel at The Kennel Club. Highlighting how they believed Kay has made a truly positive difference to the health and welfare of dogs. 
Kay was awarded at Crufts 2019, the prestigious Kennel Club Accredited Instructors Scheme (KCAI Scheme) 2018 Trainer of the Year! 
The Home of Professional Dog Training 
Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Kay9 Services Newsletter! 
We keep this newsletter updated as regularly as possible, so you can check back in and read it on line whenever you choose.  
Corona-virus continues to cause unrest amongst humans, but does it pose a risk to our pets? 
Can the virus affect your pets? 
There is no evidence at the moment to suggest that it can. There’s very little evidence to show that pets can catch the disease, or that they can transmit COVID-19 between humans. 
Will this always be the case? 
At the moment, it’s difficult to be sure. The corona-virus outbreak has sent the UK and the rest of the world into uncharted territory and it’s unclear what the next steps will be. 
It’s important to be on the lookout and to contact a medical professional if you feel unwell. Likewise, call your vet if your pet seems unwell. 
If I’m poorly, should I worry about spreading illness to my pet? 
COVID-19 is not yet known to cause symptoms in pets, but similar viruses can be transmitted from humans to pets and vice versa. 
To be on the safe side, stay as hygienic as possible. Wash your dog’s paws thoroughly after a walk and wash your hands regularly. At home, clean your pet’s sleeping/living area regularly and if you’re ill, keep physical contact to a minimum… and avoid letting your pet lick your face altogether. 
Concerns about exposure to the virus… 
If your pet is ill and you think exposure to corona-virus has caused their symptoms, give us a call before your visit. It’s important to make your veterinary team aware. 
Symptoms of illness may include: 
Coughing and sneezing 
Reluctance to eat, drink or move 
A change in personality 
Lethargy or tiredness 
Keep up with the news… 
The COVID-19 virus has caused a great deal or unrest and uncertainty, but do your best not to panic. Keep an eye on the news, both for trusted advice and for what’s happening in your area. 
Meanwhile, stay as hygienic as possible and be sure to give your doctor a call if you’re feeling at risk. As ever, if you’re worried about your pet, don’t hesitate to call your vet 
(thanks to Abivale Veterinary Group for this information) 
If you yourself feel unwell, please do not come to class. You're not at your best when you don't feel your best but also this ensures that bugs and viruses don't spread. 
Separation Anxiety 
Separation anxiety is a disorder in which a dog experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from owners or their home, to whom they have a strong emotional attachment. Generally this attachment is with a particular member of the family. 
Many owners leave the house without knowing the full extend of the anguish their absence has on their dog. Many assume that the dog just sleeps, or if they are aware that they bark when first left, they assume that the dog just stops and then settles down. The emotional turmoil some dogs suffer various in degrees dog to dog. Some owners of course have no idea that their dogs suffers from Separation Anxiety until a neighbour complains or they return home to destruction. 
We work hard at establishing a bond from puppy hood, but sometimes, if we don't train the dog to be alone in the house, they cannot cope when they are left and this can be very detrimental to the mindset and welfare of your dog AND you! 
Contrary to belief, the cure is NOT leaving them alone in the house. Careful steps should be taken to slowly wean the dog off from needing your company in the home before you should leave them completely. 
Separation Anxiety keeps me especially busy each year during January to March after the Christmas holidays and after school holidays, when dogs find themselves home alone after periods of busy households and plenty of company. 
My 'Training to be Home Alone' leaflet will talk you through the various stages to help your dog cope and get them feeling better without needing to be with you constantly. 
It could be the best download you'll ever get! 
Separation Anxiety WEBINAR! 
A webinar on line, to listen to 'Dog Trainer of the Year' Kay Attwood talk about separation Anxiety. How to avoid it and how to treat it! 
Only £20.00 per ticket 
Guest Dog Blog! 
Shelley Heading of The Dog House Academy  
Experienced within the canine field as a trainer / behaviour advisor with a demonstrated history of working with local vets taking on referrals and running Puppy Pre-schools. Skilled in Dog Behavior, 121 training sessions group classes from puppy though to adult as well as agility, hoopers, flyable, platform and more. Membership qualifications with COAPE, ICAN, APDT, ABTC 
The Art of Airy Fairy Dog Training!!!!  
As a positive reinforcement dog trainer, I often hear the phrase, “Airy fairy trainer” or “bribery training”. 
After 24 years I have heard it so often the words literally go over my head! I let the results of the training and the sight of a happy relaxed dog talk for the methods I and many of my colleagues use! 
Many trainers still use coercive and punishment based training methods that are sadly years behind up to date scientific research. This old style training technique will work but the corrections for pulling on a lead (choking the dog), corrections for biting (from biting the dog back, smacking, to pinning down on the floor ) and the corrections for jumping up (kneeing in the chest, squirting with water) are basically interrupters to the unwanted behaviour, and unless they are consistent and seen as a punishment by the dog they will just confuse them and only stop the behaviour temporarily. But worse than that you are not showing / teaching the dog what you want them to do instead of the behaviour that they are naturally doing or the behaviour that the owners have reinforced (allowed to develop). 
Positive reinforcement training is based on scientific research! Research also shows that having to be the “pack leader” to your dog is also flawed! But that’s another subject for another time! 
Let's take a look at your dog - How many times do you tell them off for — barking at the door, jumping up at the kitchen tops, table, chewing something inappropriate, pulling on the lead, digging in the garden, not coming when called? Now I want you to compare that with how many times you reward them for sitting or standing whilst you or a guest greets them, walking on a loose lead, lying calm on their bed whilst you prepare dinner or watch TV, amusing themselves with a toy whilst you get on with some work? Be honest you rarely reinforce the behaviour you want most — am I right? 
Sadly we often overlook our dogs good behaviour and only notice the bad! Stop reading this for a few seconds — what is your dog doing? Nothing? Nothing is a great behaviour to reinforce? Nothing is probably the behaviour you want your dog to do the most! Nothing whilst you eat your meals, nothing whilst you work, nothing whilst you chat on the phone, nothing whilst you chat with someone you have met out walking, nothing when you watch TV in the evening, nothing when you have visitors round. 
Should you reward this nothing before you get back to finishing this article? 
Have you heard the saying “you get what you pay for”? Try applying this to dog training. If you see your dog undertaking a behaviour you like — pay for it. 
All behaviour is learned in the same way 
• it is performed 
• you mark it with a clear consistent word (yes, good, bingo) 
• you pay 
Payment is not bribery — it is a reinforcement, It is an investment in a behaviour. The behaviours that are reinforced will become stronger and more consistent. 
Join me as an Airy Fairy Dog Trainer! Make a list of what you want your dogs behaviour to look like and list it in a positive reinforcement way — for example, instead of ‘don’t pull on the lead’ try ‘ walk next to me on a loose lead’. This way you have a picture of what you are going to mark and reinforce. 
Now you have your list, you will have to observe your dog more to ensure you reinforce at every available opportunity. 
Remember we are not nagging the dog for these behaviours — these are behaviours he chooses to do. Nagging is tiring for us and eventually will become white noise for your dog. 
Your dog is smart he will soon learn what makes the treats appear! 
To avoid your dog piling on the pounds allocate some of their daily food allowance to this training. 
Obedience Start Dates at a glance: 
(Click on links to the right to book) 
During COVID19 all classes will be On line 
Yateley - Friday Daytime  
Mytchett - Tuesday Evening 
Yateley - Thursday Daytime  

Hawley Thursday Evening 

Mytchett - Monday Evening 

Kay9 RALLY  
Yateley Daytime 

Puppy Socialisation 
Our popular sessions run on a Sunday (see website for dates) and occasionally we also run social walks just for puppies! 
Always check the on-line calendar first! 
It's FUN to FOCUS!  
We hold these when possible due to other events. It is advisable to always check the on line calendar first! 
These are held at our Hawley Venue. A must for dogs with a lack of self control and over excitement! 
Various Workshops 
Recall (part one and two), Loose Lead and Reactivity (part one and two), - as well as many others presented all over the UK 
We are now booking for the next round of workshops locally. 
Private Workshops 
Team up with your fellow dog owner friends for a workshops designed to your very own needs and share the cost between you and your friends, tailor made to your requirements! 
Please book early to avoid disappointment! 
We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your valued support 
(Inside) - St. Johns Ambulance, Youth Activity Centre, Hawley, Farnborough, Hants  
and (outside) - Kay9 Haven, Mytchett 
£12 per Puppy 
These sessions are held on occasional Sundays. Please see the website calendar for session dates.  
Puppy's up to 8 months of age only - Please bring your puppies bed, a stuffed Kong and your puppies favourite treats and your vaccination certificate if you have not attended a Kay9 event before. 
Social Skill is such an important aspect of puppy hood and should therefore be carried out in the correct manner. Watch your puppy interact with other puppies, learning positive social skills on and off lead in a controlled environment. 
A social interaction through play with various toys and lots of other distractions. 
A great opportunity for your puppy to learn at its own pace how to interact and explore their surroundings, along with people and puppies present. 
Ask us about our puppy social walks! 
WORKSHOPS - The Kay9® Way!  
Recall Prt 1 & 2 £60.00: 
Loose Lead £ 40.00 
Book early to avoid disappointment! 
Price £35.00 
There is only one Kay9 - The Kay9® Way!  
Second-to-non for all your dogs needs! 
Click on the link above to view our Instagram account. You can add photos of your dog by using the following Hash tags: 
You can also follow Mr. Kay9 on instagram HERE and post your dog walking pictures to this account and see our pictures of the dogs we walk! 
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Private Workshops -The Kay9® Way!  
We offer tailored workshops to suit your needs.  
Why not get together with some friends for a private session with our trainer and behaviourist to perfect a few issues you may have? All dogs should be comfortable in the presence of each other, although ample space will be provided where necessary 
Recall, Retrieve, Loose Lead, Impulse Control, General Obedience, Behavioural - You choose the subject! 
Max 8 friends per workshop)!  
Could you voluntarily foster a dog or cat? 
Long or short term!? 
Fostering involves assisting a rescue centre by fostering dogs that are perhaps not coping with the confinement and stress of kennels. 
Often a homeless dog stands a better chance of being adopted from a foster home when they are not suffering from stress and therefore able to show their true personality. You will be helping to alleviate this suffering by enabling a dog to have some return to normality instead of the traumatic confinement of kennels. 
This is also helpful to a rescue centre as it enables them to free up kennel space and therefore assist more dogs in need. 
Most organisations will request that foster carers are home based or do not leave a foster dog for longer than 4 hours. All fostering agreements differ, so please ensure you discuss this fully when applying. 
07763 356 338 
07766 021 465 
If you would like to contribute to the next edition of this newsletter please email us on  
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The Kay9® Way! 
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Call Us On 
0775 8288 478 or 01276 25544 
and we will assess the training needs of your pet 
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