LIVE Virtual  Behaviour  Consultations  

These days, lives are too busy to attend classes or perhaps your location prevents you from attending a Dog Training School or having a home visit? Now you CAN have your cake and eat it - whilst your having a private 121 session to talk about your dog and any issue you wish to discuss with a professional! 
Location is NOT AN ISSUE!  
As long as you have internet access, a PC, laptop, iPad or smart phone, we can 'hook' up together regardless of where in the world you (or I) am! 
Weekday 10-4pm - £80.00 - One Hour session 
Weekend 10-4pm - £85.00 - One Hour session 
121 Puppy Consultation - £60 - One Hour Session (for puppies 6 months & younger) 
Don't be phased by on line sessions, because in fact they work extremely well. Whether I am sitting in your front room discussing your dog or sitting at my desk at Kay9 Headquarters, it makes no difference.  
Most often, I don't need to see the behaviour you would like to discuss. I just need to discuss it with you in order to discover what is causing it, rewarding it and then I can help you change it, by talking you through it - On line. 
Here are some (amongst many) examples of the issues we could cover at your request: 
Each session is prepaid and booked for a date and time convenient to us both - win, win! 
We'll have a chat about your dog and maybe iron out a few issues you may have or you can book a series of sessions at a discounted rate, if its for an issue which may take time to change or eradicate through a training program put together especially for you during the consult. 
Behaviour modification counselling for dogs is a program available for people and their pets. 
The session takes place when you are in the comfort of your home at your PC , mobile phone or IPad. 
If required, I can show you various items to assist you with your program, whether its a presentation or send you leaflets to help you. 
Behaviours usually don't 'just appear', there is often an underlying reason, a trigger, so this first step is to discuss where things may have stemmed from, whether historical, genetic or otherwise and help you change or eradicate , using proven science based methods. 
The behaviour is discussed, along with a behaviour you would prefer instead (if applicable) and a modification program will be discussed thoroughly. 
Follow up sessions may be scheduled, so that progress can be noted/amended, according to the problem and the complexity of the program. 
You should ALWAYS ensure that you contact an appropriately qualified and experienced trainer to help you with your dog. You should never leave the welfare of your dog in the hands of an untrained person.  
ALWAYS check out their experience and qualifications before you agree to them visiting you in your home, or assisting you with the behaviour of your dog. 
If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job - wait until you hire an amateur!- Red Adair 
Changing behaviour! 
Changing habits! 
Changing lives! 
Dog training the Kay9 way! 
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0775 8288 478 or 01252 645110 
and we will assess the training needs of your pet. 
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