1-2-1 Behaviour Consultations (in your own home) 

Why does my Dog Bark?  
Why doesn't my dog come back when called? 
Why does my dog Chase things? 
Why does my dog still toilet in the house? 
Why doesn't my dog listen to me? 

Each year, hundreds of thousands of pets are re-homed or worse still, put to death, due to behaviour problems reported by their owners.   Some of those problems may not have developed, had the dog been trained and socialised at an early age and some may have arisen due to an unfortunate incident or trauma, eitherway, we can help you with any behaviour probem you are facing. 

Sometimes a class environment isn't ideal for dog or the owner, so we at Kay9 Services also offer a home 1-2-1 visits to help, regardless of the problem and severity. 
Preventing and/or treating inappropriate behaviour at an early age or diagnosing and treating abnormal  
behaviour later in a pet’s life is our goal at Kay9 Services.  
We have experience in treating canine aggression's, fears, phobias, anxieties, inappropriate elimination problems and obsessive compulsive disorders and many more.  
We have a great track record with aggression cases and often work in conjunction  
with owners facing legal problems. 
Behaviour modification counselling for dogs is a program available for people and their pets. 
Information for Veterinary Surgeons: 
Please send any referrals to info@kay9services.co.uk. Please include a copy of the dog’s medical history. If you’d prefer to fill out a referral form, this can downloaded here. 
The first step is a meeting to discuss and maybe observe (although not always necessary to observe), the problem at hand. The meeting takes place in your home so that the dog can be in his or her usual environment. Behaviours usually don't 'just appear', there is often an underlying reason, a trigger, so this first step is to discuss where things may have stemmed from, whether historical, genetic or otherwise and help you change or eradicate , using science based methods, rewards and offering choices to your dog. 
The behaviour is discussed, along with a behaviour modification program for the pet and family to follow, with back up and availability of further help and discussion appointments. 
Follow up visits may be scheduled, so that progress can be noted/amended, according to the problem and the complexity of the program. 
Whether a training or a behavioural issue, some may be resolved in the first session. Some of the more embedded issues will need further input from me working with the owner and may require more appointments. 
Jump Start Training - Ready, Steady - 3, 2, 1 ............Go! 
This is a 3 week intense training package which comprises of 6 x 1 hour 121 sessions over a 3 week period. The training can be for any subject of your choice from general obedience to reactivity. * 
Details as follows: 
3 x 1 hour 121 sessions + 1st FREE session online to discuss your needs 
2 x 1 hour 121 sessions  
1 x 1 hour 121 sessions  
The above sessions are carried out in your home. They can be undertaken whether you are at home or at work, as I will train your dog for you. 
Your first appointment booked is to discuss the training package and does not include any of your 3,2,1 sessions. 
* Please note that this training program is for 3 weeks only and is designed to give your training a jump start. Depending on the severity or training you choose to undertake, it is therefore not guaranteed to eradicate the behaviour, but get you off to a good start to continue with the training. 
Review from a Jump Start Customer:  
"When I signed up for Kay's jump start package for my aggressive rescue dog Zeus it was through sheer desperation. I had already sought help from one to one dog trainers, including a famous face from the TV. But nothing had helped.  
He greeted Kay the first day by trying to bite her. She was unfazed and she didn't judge him. She told me he was scared and reacting without thinking, by the end of the first session she reassured me that he wasn't aggressive just needed to learn. Most importantly for me, she still saw his good, she recognised the qualities I loved in him, didn't judge him and was very warm.  
We had the 6 jump start sessions and for the first time in the last three years of paying a lot of money for him and getting no results, we have hit a real turning point. Walks are now pleasurable. Mostly because my dog Zeus is behaving, having more fun than ever and is all eyes on me rather than looking out for something to bark at.  
But also, because Kay is a lovely and intelligent person to walk with. Very easy company and constantly relaying tips and techniques. I've tried everything and honestly, Kay is the only one who has made a noticeable difference. I could not recommend more. If you keep trying and getting no results, then please do give you and your dog a chance of happiness by working with Kay". 
Providing training for you and your dog in order to give you both the gift of understanding 
is the mission at Kay9 Services. 
Only kind and scientific methods are used because your best friend deserves it! 
Allow us to introduce you to positive training methods and live in harmony with your dog! 
We would never ask you to do something to your dog that would make you feel uncomfortable! 
We never use aversive techniques/methods such as spray cans, rattle tins, shock collars, spray collars, check chains etc. 
Instead, we use the things that your dog finds rewarding, at that given time and offer the dog a choice to participate, rather than compel them to participate. 
You should ALWAYS ensure that you contact an appropriately qualified and experienced trainer to help you with your dog. You should never leave the welfare of your dog in the hands of an untrained person. ALWAYS check out their experience and qualifications before you agree to them visiting you in your home, or assisting you with the behaviour of your dog. 
If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job - wait until you hire an amateur!- Red Adair 
We have been calling on Kay Attwood Of Kay9Services, for many years now with different dogs we have had in rescue for re-homing. Kay has always been of great benefit to the dogs and gets to the bottom of any issues the dogs or adopting families are having. From simple good doggy manners to resource guarding and separation anxiety, lead training to Reactivity... Kay has the answers and explains it all, so you understand the dogs view and how to positively help and stop unwanted behaviours. Her classes are second to none. Her professionalism unparalleled, her methods non forceful and doing what she advises; really get results. 
Regan Clark JP 
Next Chapter Animal Rescue Surrey. 
Changing behaviour! 
Changing habits! 
Changing lives! 
Dog training the Kay9 way! 
Call Us On 
0775 8288 478 or 01252 645110 
and we will assess the training needs of your pet. 
"Kay9 Services, really are top rate when it comes to all things related to dog behaviour". Anon 
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