Nothing Says it Better Than Our Testimonials 

All from our happy customers and the occasional well behaved dog too! - We're happy when you're happy. 
And, if ever there was a lady, it is the unstoppable Kay Attwood. I knew she was a great trainer, well respected, kind in the way she moved through our field, and someone to look up to. But I didn’t know what a helluva woman she is, too. She’s brave and dignified. Wicked and loving. She’s supportive and wildly curious. She is smart, dynamic, gifted, and the dog world is damned lucky to have her. I’m lucky to call her a new friend. 
Cristine Dahl, Northwest School of Canine Studies, Seattle, United States. 
For the past 3 days I’ve had the absolute pleasure and honour to listen to these 2 incredible ladies talk about something they clearly are so knowledgeable and passionate about. 
They both show what true leadership is all about. Leadership has become a dirty word in dog training but it doesn’t need to be or it shouldn’t be. They have lead by example and over the past weekend have captivated such a large audience with wit, intelligence, knowledge, compassion and inspiration. Which was really powerful. And I think ‘powerful’ is the one word I’d use to sum up both Kay from Kay9 Services and Cristine from Cristine Dahl, Northwest School of Canine Studies. They may not be big in stature but their presence is huge. 
Taz Nichols, Lewis Dog Training, New Zealand. 
and successfully concluded the latter this afternoon. 
Miriam was a wonderful trainer - had great delivery, knowledgable, full of passion and was hugely supportive to the whole class. 
I have thanked her for all the guidance given but thought it proper to provide feedback to you. 
Happy if you want to add these comments to FB/website etc. 
We’ll be back after some holidays for the Rally/Advanced etc. 
In the meantime, our kindest regards 
I have taken 2 rescue dogs with significantly traumatic backgrounds from foundation level to the intermediate classes. Both dogs have thrived beyond measure using the wonderfully positive stress-free reinforcement techniques I have been taught. This has been rewarding beyond measure not only in itself but is largely due to my outstanding trainer who understands behaviour, can read the dog’s individual needs and tailor an appropriate solution. Everything is explained in simple, clear language enabling participants to really understand their dogs and get the best out of them in a hugely fun and stimulating environment. The confidence instilled in my dogs is also highly evident in the home environment not to mention the increased bond and trust I have built with them. I wanted to go to classes specifically to instil confidence and self-esteem in my dogs. Expectations have been superseded beyond anything I imagined. A sincere and heartfelt thank you 
We found it really helpful and thought you demonstrated a greater understanding of Kerry than we had previously experienced. 
Even better, I had cause to divert Kerry's attention away from the fallen apples on Yateley Green on a walk later and she responded immediately to the 'leave' command! 
including socialising with chickens!! Excellent puppy training classes and regular support that has made having a new puppy in a home with three children including a 1 year old an absolute joy!! 
.......skills and techniques, to make it really clear so that i can understand why it works for a dog and handler. A lovely lady who me and my dog love to learn from. 
She teaches every breed and crossbreed without prejudice. She does so much for local dog charities including home checks, assessments and behavioural adjustments. Often without charge to the rescues she helps. One amazing tireless asset to the dog world. 
Nothing is too greater challenge & she is always prepared to go the extra mile to help whether that be helping after class, providing extra assistance during a workshop or answering any queries by email. Watching Kay work with rescue dogs & very nervous dogs is very special.Kays ongoing help with my lively young beagle has been invaluable. It has changed our walks as I am no longer dragged around, our bond & relationship has grown & we understand each other mire now & her focus has greatly improved but mainly I feel I have learnt so much about responsible dog ownership & providing a happy stimulating life for my dog. I would hav3 no hesitation in recommending Kay. 
WORKS! She’s passionate and knows her stuff would highly recommend 
She is a passionate advocate for positive reinforcement training and travels around the country and abroad giving lectures and doing workshops. She has an infectious personality and is a brilliant advocate for the positive message. 
...... and explained to how to help my dog using positive and rewarding methods rather than aversive methods like another did. 
They told me I couldn't put my puppies harness on because he was a dog who didn't like being touched & all dogs were different!! Finding Kays classes changed our relationship with our dog.. she explained how 'Freddie' saw things & showed us how to handle & train him & gave us knowledge and confidence. We now have a wonderful 2 year old dog who is affectionate & loves cuddles particularly with my young autistic daughter.. thank you Kay! 
Have tried other trainers but feel Kay is more Canine centered and sensitive to the dogs emotional & psychological needs 
You've taught me so so much, and for the first time EVER, I had a relaxed girl in some full on environments (for her). You really made me able to read her and understand her actions to stimuli and how to show her the right way. 
I know there is plenty of work that I must put in, but you have given me the confidence in how to do it and shown me the way forward. If I could bottle your knowledge and sell it I would be a millionaire in a very short time! 
Really looking forward to our next session, to show you that I have taken in these skills. 
Thank you once again, 
You are an absolute star 
Classes, one to one's, workshops, I have had only positive experiences and my dog loves attending and adores Kay and her team. I highly recommend them. 
Toni Shelbourne, TTouch Practitioner, Author. 
We found it really helpful and thought you demonstrated a greater understanding of Kerry than we had previously experienced. 
Even better, I had cause to divert Kerry's attention away from the fallen apples on Yateley Green on a walk later and she responded immediately to the 'leave' command! 
Wizard and I haven't been able to come for a few weeks due to my bad health, and I have missed it soooooooo much. 
Wizard and I had a brilliant time, your enthusiasm and kindness are as infectious as always, so thrilled to be back!!!! Gypsy can't wait to start her classes again next week!! 
Thank you! xxxxxxxxxxx 
We learnt so much and can't believe the difference already. 
Took Fido for his walk with his doggy friend today and he was amazing, never once pulled on his recall lead and came every time called, even away from other doggies! 
Biggest ‘OMG’ moment though was a moment ago whilst he was in the lounge playing his rough and tough game with his favourite rope toy with Dad with all his play growling. I went into the kitchen and called his name with “come, come, come” and he ran and found me without delay, we were all totally gobsmacked as you can't get him away from his toys, so am feeling very proud and chuffed, thank you so much. 
I thoroughly enjoyed it and I feel much more confident taking loki out on his lead. I have seen an improvement already. He now looks at me before he looks at the other dog. Depending on the dog he doesn't seem as stressed. Thank you. 
I know we will be seeing each other again but today was pretty monumental and I wanted to say Thanks as it is because of your fabulous training (of the humans as well as Hector!) 
We have regularly been walking with Hector loose on the training lead and he has been perfect coming when called or whistled and being relaxed around other dogs. I always pick up the lead when others approach but give him room to make decisions on how to behave and he is doing FAB! 
The day before yesterday we went to the pond by the reservoir where dogs meet for a swim. We ended up being a party of seven dogs for about 15min (all strangers to us) and even when the calm and social interaction was disturbed by the advance of a Spaniel at full pelt, Hector behaved beautifully! 
He is flat out in the lounge as I type lol! I can’t tell you how different he is and how relaxed he has become. 
Many thanks, Claire and Hector. Bracknell. 
My wife and I have not had a holiday for a very long time, because we didn't want to leave our dog in kennels. 
We had had a bad experience with a home boarder too, which left us afraid to leave our beloved Poppy with anyone. 
But after attending your classes and seeing you with her and how much she clearly adores you, we knew we had found a perfect match for her and for the first time in 3 years, contemplated a holiday. 
I know you said it would be fine and you allowed us to do a few one night stays beforehand, but that relieved our nerves. When we left her with you on the day we went on holiday, we felt so happy to be leaving her. Something we thought we would never do. Thank you. We had a fabulous holiday and will definitely be booking Poppy in again next time to go away. 
We have all enjoyed the training and have seen Peanut really improve over the weeks, I feel our bond with her has grown and we are all more confident. Thank you to you and Claire. 
Denise and Peanut 
As I said on Tuesday, Ollie had not had any training before we took him on and Roger and I have both worked very hard to get him up to speed. 
We are both looking forward to October 7th when we can do the Beginners class. In the meantime we will be working very hard continuing the training that we have learnt at the Puppy Class. 
Thanks once again, you are so good and I have learnt so much. So looking forward to October." 
Chris and Roger – Ollie and Jay (Golden Retrievers) 
I didn't know what to expect and Luka was petrified when we arrived .. But with your guidance and the support of the other walkers (especially Lenny the collie X )  
I, but more importantly Luka thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a delight to see him change from a trembling dog with his tail between his legs ignoring any glance from another dog, to a dog running and playing with them! 
The Humans were a good crowd too! Husband will def have to come next time coz I heard the men talk about football so as an avid Chelsea supporter I ’m sure they would have a thing or two to talk about !! But the thing that sticks in my mind most, is Francesca coz I had read her testimonial on your website this morning (I’m always dubious about testimonials!), but it was so nice to hear her relay her story when I asked her about Sophie. 
Kay, once again thank you.. I’m certainly coming back and I could kick myself for not attending sooner. 
Theresa and Luka 
From the very start Kay's confident and positive attitude, and correct diagnosis of the reason put us both at ease. She gave me some ground rules and plenty of advice on how to deal with various situations and, immediately, the behavioural problems started to ease. Now, a month or two on, I can take my dog out with confidence and we can enjoy our time together again. She has been available with encouragement and help whenever needed, and we both think she is wonderful. 
Cherie and Darcey 
The day after our 1-2-1: 
Molly and I were having breakfast in our road, the paperboy came and she never misses barking at him. She glanced at him twice other than that she took no notice of him. It's truly amazing!! Thank you. Honestly I'm over the moon. As Bailey can be a bit reactive to cats and bikes I shall use the technique on him too? xx 
Three days after our 1-2-1: 
Kay Molly loved her trip to your field last night so thank you for that. Also I met my dads dog today. She briefly pulled but quickly looked back at me! And NO barking!!! You have revolutionised my walks thank you so much. X 
Just one session and reaping the benefits. 
It's kinda become a social event for me and Lucky, so many lovely people, oh and doggies of course ! Would love to book onto the Intermediate Course next week at Hawley next week at 6.30. I have noticed a great change in Lucky over the last weeks and cannot thank you enough for your support. 
Pauline and Lucky 
Cooper is now just 15 months & he is a pleasure. We could go on & on but here are just a few of the things you've helped us with... 
- When our neighbour's dogs barked in their garden, he used to run up and down barking back. Now he hears a bark, looks & runs to us (where we play with a toy, button hands, paw, watch me etc). 
- when he saw sheep he lunged, barked & wanted to chase. Now he either ignores them or just looks & comes away on his own (getting him to focus on us with smelly treats, on the ground at first). 
- on a walk, it's usually someone else's dog bouncing all over him wanting to play & that won't go back to its owner while he looks & waits for me to get his ball or tug toy for a game. 
So thank you 
We have spent the last week walking both our dogs separately as advised and they are loving going out and finding the treats on the path. Both dogs just seem much calmer and happier! 
We went out with them both together for the first time yesterday and I can't believe how great they were - we met plenty of dogs and people and both Harry and Dave (our other dog) remained calm and relaxed through out. We really can't thank you enough! 
She was highly recommended to me and I couldn’t be happier with the results 
You then very kindly, at no extra cost, visited us at our home in December 2018 to train us in how to work with Beau and help him feel more at home especially as this is our first experience of having a dog. 
He took another six months to settle down totally but is now very happy. At first as you know he was very nervous, depressed and shaking a lot. He was scared of everything especially people, in particular men. 
Over time he has became more relaxed and confident as you can see from the attached photos. Beau loves walking/running in the woods nearby our house. He also sometimes does parkrun at Frimley Lodge with Yoko. At home he enjoys being lazy and relaxing wherever he lays. 
The remedy tablets you recommended really helped and now he stopped having them since summer 2019. 
Now at night he happily goes into his crate without any problems to sleep at night. During the day he can stay by himself in the kitchen and lounge for a few hours without getting distressed if Mummy has to go out without him. He is very calm and content. 
On the day of his 2nd birthday we wanted to contact you to say thank you so much for helping us to know how to take care of him. 
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