Home Training Packages 

Sometimes, life is just too busy to fit everything in. If you can't get to classes, or you work shifts, it can often hinder your training program with your new puppy, rescue dog or old time friend. 
We offer home training packages for all types of training, where we come to your home and we train your dog WITH YOU in your home environment or whilst out walking etc., 
There are regular training schedule updates sent via email after each visit, and you are invited to video sessions to show other family members if they cannot make the session/s. At each session you will see the methods to use, try it for yourself and see that it works, so that we can all be consistent in the training program.  
We also offer communication should you have any questions or require assistance with your home training homework exercises. We're only a question away! Sessions may be weekly or fortnightly, depending on the training required and speed at which you and your dog need in order to get the best from the program. 
Updated, comprehensive Training schedule supplied with each package. 
(The date you set at check out is a FREE ZOOM On live package discussion and not included as a package session. 
All packages suject to a travel charge of 0.45p if more than 20 miles away from GU16 area. 
Some packages may involve a weekly visit, others fortnightly, depending on the training required. We will discuss this at our initial discussion 
Separation Anxiety Package 
The treatment for Separation Anxiety requires a training solution, which should ideally start as soon as you get your dog, regardless of age. 
The classic mistake made by many dog owners is they don't start training until they see a problem starting. By then sadly, it may be too late! Training should take place when the dog is NOT alone to begin with. 
Weekly/fortnightly 1 hour home training sessions, implementing home alone training to avoid or eradicate separation Anxiety. Debrief session and final handover. 
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4 Visits £280.00 / 6 Visits £ 400.00/8 Visits £520.00 + 1st FREE session online to discuss your needs 
Weekly/fortnightly 1 hour visit to your home where I continue the program with your dog to learn to cope with being home alone 
The option to purchase these packages are shown at the check out stage when booking the above packages for your first session. We will arrange the remaining visits for the package at our online discussion. 
Dog Sitting Packages: Additional service add on for Separation Anxiety: 
Separation Anxiety Dog Sitting - Sitting in your home with the dog so that you can leave and do other things. This is ideal to teach your dog that he can be in the home without you. We discuss this option at your initial package discussion. 
This service is only available as an 'add on' to the Separation Anxiety Package and cannot be purchased at the price shown as a lone purchase. If you require a dog sit for a day or evening as a one off, click HERE. 
To book please email 'info@kay9services.co.uk' 
Evening dog sit, in your own home - If you cant leave your dog home alone, it can be hard to enjoy a normal life - going out, meeting friends etc., This is a service to allow you to have that night out without worrying about the dog. We will sit in with the dog in your own home, an environment your dog is very familiar with, while you're out enjoying yourself. Call 0775 8288 478 for quote and availability. 
Recall Package 
Recall is a complex behaviour to train, involving a few key elements. This training requires the owner to be present for each session. We will show you how to train your dog to recall either to a whistle and/or your choice of cue, for successful recall going forward. 
We will train a reflex response, tools for your recall toolbox and dealing with distractions. 
Weekly/fortnightly 1 hour home training sessions. 
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During lockdown we taught hundreds of owners and their dogs recall online, which is VERY effect, because hether in person or online, the first 2 weeks are taught indoors anyway, because its a low distraction environment, so that you and you dog can learn the method thouroughly BEFORE you take it outside to external distractions etc.,  
Loose Lead Package 
A dog that pulls on the lead is not a pleasure to walk. Take the chore out of your dog walks by teaching your dog to walk nicely and calmly on a loose lead. This training requires the owner to be present for each session. We will train your dog to walk on a loose lead and stop pulling! 
Weekly/Fortnightly 1 hour home training sessions (with or without owners present) .  
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General Behaviour Package 
We will train your dog for any general behaviour you wish, whether it is toilet training, door etiquette or anything you need the dog to do or stop doing! 
Weekly/Fortnightly 1 hour home training sessions (with or without owners present) .  
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4 Visits £280.00 / 6 Visits £400.00 / 12 Visits £780.00 + 1st FREE session online to discuss your needs 
Reactive Package 
We will take your dog out and work together in the presence of trigger to start a process of changing behaviour and habits. Owners should try to be present for as many sessions as possible for maximum effect. 
Weekly/Fortnightly 1 hour home training sessions (with or without owners present) .  
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8 Visits £600.00 / 12 Visits £ 840.00 + 1st FREE session online to discuss your needs 
Puppy Right Start Package 
Having a new puppy can be hard work, so we can help start the training process get off to the right start. Any puppy behaviours such as nipping, toilet training, recall, loose lead, general house rules (no furniture etc) and much more can be added to this package, along with any other requirements you may have. 
Weekly/Fortnightly 1 hour home training sessions (with or without owners present) .  
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4 Visits £280.00 / 6 Visits £ 400.00 + 1st FREE session online to discuss your needs 
Payment Plan available for all packages 
Can't get an in person appointment  
soon enough? 
Why not try our virtual appointments as they work just as well!  
Afterall, its me talking to you about your dog, explaining and showing virtually what to do with back up of recording and relevant material, whether im sitting on your couch or mine! 
Virtual 121 Onlne Sessions  
can address many issues such as: 
Puppy Problems 
Adolescent Problems 
General Behaviour Problems 
Rescource Guarding 
Separation Anxiety 
Various Training Packages available 
A Virtual service with Kay Attwood 
Packages to suit you, your pocket and your lifestyle!. 
Home Training Packages are for dogs, people and their lifestyles 
and are carried out by qualified and professional dog trainers. 
You should ALWAYS ensure that you contact an appropriately qualified and experienced trainer to help you with your dog. You should never leave the welfare of your dog in the hands of an untrained person. ALWAYS check out their experience and qualifications before you agree to them visiting you in your home, or assisting you with the behaviour of your dog. 
To successfully train your dog: 
I do not need to touch your dog or use equipment such as check chains, prong collars or shock collars, tools that inflict pain or discomfort 
I do not need to intimidate or frighten your dog to train them. I need to support them and help them cope in order to feel better about life and set up a good learning environment 
I do not need to use tactics to startle your dog, such as stones in a tin can, or water sprays.  
I do not need to try to act like a dog by growling at them in order to communicate with your dog. With kindness and clarity your dog can begin to trust and therefore learn and easily understand our communication. 
I will not label your dog as dominant or un trainable. I will work with them at their speed, to help them grow and flourish to the best of their ability. 

Dog training the Kay9 way! Changing behaviour! Changing habits! Changing lives! 

Call Us On 
0775 8288 478 or 01252 645110 
and we will assess the training needs of your pet. 
Or Book Online 
"Kay9 Services, really are top rate when it comes to all things related to dog behaviour". Anon 
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